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Stay Current with the CABC Indicators R.Ed. v.2.1 (effective 11/01/2018)
The CABC Indicators for Compliance with Standards for Birth Centers, Reference Edition 2.1 is a revealing look at CABC accreditation.
For everyone, especially parents considering birth center care, this document has these features to make it easy to use as a tool for discussion with birth center staff:
Glossary that includes terms we explain often, acronyms, special terms we use that encompass multiple situations, and comparisons to help describe the diversity found among birth centers.
Index of common topics, called tags. Select a tag anywhere in the body of the document to jump to a comparative list of all the Standards that also have that tag. Then, select a standard in that list to jump back to where you were or go to another standard.
End Notes with references to studies and other resources.
Links to Changes from the last edition to this edition are found on page 7.
This is a living document, updated regularly, and the next edition will be published soon to show any updates in response to:
New evidence relevant to maternity and newborn care encompassing the antenatal, intrapartum, postpartum and newborn time frames
Updates in the AABC Standards for birth centers
Updates in relevant professional guidelines
Most people, including birth centers seeking CABC accreditation, can legally use this document free of charge.
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