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What can accreditation do for Health Insurance professionals?

CABC accreditation is a mechanism that can assure both cost savings and high quality care for childbearing families among health insurance professionals subscribers. CABC accreditation signifies accountability for best practices in high quality care for clients, babies, and their families.

CABC-accredited freestanding birth centers are recognized for:

  • Evidenced-based care and best practices for low-risk birth
  • Prevention of unnecessary interventions, especially costly cesarean sections
  • Respectful care and informed consent rooted in shared decision making
  • Appropriate triage and care when intervention is necessary
  • Successful preparation for parents to give birth to healthy babies

CABC accreditation is recognized or required by:

Why require CABC Accreditation for your birth center subscribers?

You will:

  • Save money by providing a proven option for care that avoids unnecessary and costly interventions.
  • Be assured of high quality maternity care that employs best practices, including a Risk Management Program.
  • Know that birth centers in your network are engaged in a Continuous Quality Improvement Program for both clinical and business practices, including internal accounting control.
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