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Why associate your regulations with CABC Indicators for Compliance?

CABC Accreditation is a mechanism that can assure high quality care for childbearing families in the communities of your jurisdiction.

You will gain:

  • Confidence in Your Regulations: You are working with best practices developed by experts in birth center care.
  • Efficiency and Return on Investment: Save time and money by working with established, nationally recognized standards.

Why grant deeming status to CABC accreditation?

You will be able to:

  • Use the CABC accreditation mechanism to assure high quality care for childbearing families in your jurisdiction.
  • Know that birth centers in your jurisdiction are engaged in on-going learning and pursuit of excellence.

By granting deeming status for CABC accreditation in your licensure process, you can rely on this credential as a measure of how birth centers in your jurisdiction adhere to the highest national standards, thus providing a safe and high quality choice for the childbearing families in the communities you serve.

State & Federal Regulators

At CABC, we have a comprehensive approach to accreditation.

Learn about CABC’s Process

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