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Accredited Birth Centers

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This is the place to look-up a freestanding birth center to verify that it is CABC-accredited. CABC Seals and the CABC Seal of Accreditation are trademarks of The Commission for the Accreditation of Birth Centers, Inc. If a birth center is not on our map or on our list it is not CABC-accredited.

How do you find a birth center here?

Skip Instructions! Get to the Map…


1) Choose the method that works for you:

  • zoom toolStarting with a location?
    Use the map’s zoom tools to see what is in your area and go to Step 2 below.
    You can move around on the map by clicking and dragging the map itself.
  • Starting with a name of a birth center?
    Use the Search box (below the map on the right side) and enter a word that you are certain is both spelled correctly and in the name.

    • The list below the Search changes automatically as you type.
    • The search is not case-sensitive.
    •  If you type the initials for the state, it will show you anything with that letter combination. So it is best to use a word that is likely to be unique in the address. E.g. – PA will include words like Pasadena!
  • Want to see a list of In-Process birth centers?
    Enter “in-process” in the Search box (below the map on the right side).
  • Want to look through the list?
    Choose the Next and Previous links (at the bottom of the list, below the map, on the right side).

2) To get more information about the birth center:
(address, phone, accredited since, “More Details” link to their website, link to “Get directions”):

  • Select a pin on this map: CABC Seal Pin or CABCInProcessPin
  • OR Click the name of the birth center in the list

3) To see more birth centers on the list:
Change the number in the “Show __ entries” box (below the map on the left side).

KEY to Map Pins:

CABC Seal Map Pin Current CABC-Accredited Birth Center In Process PinBirth center in process

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Learn why CABC accreditation matters Get the national AABC Standards for Birth Centers from the American Association of Birth Centers (AABC).

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