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For Birth Centers

Accreditation supports your birth center’s learning

  • Our primary goal is to help your birth center excel in every aspect of your organization’s operations.
  • Our process offers education and support to your birth center’s staff every step of the way.
  • We validate that your policies and procedures support the midwifery model of care and enhance risk management.
  • We provide solid support for your use of evidence-based maternity care practices and avoidance of inappropriate use of technology.
  • We collaborate with you to develop and use a strong, Continuous Quality Improvement program. Learn to recognize any quality issues quickly and systematically work to resolve them in order to assure that you provide the very best possible maternity care.

Any time is the right time to get accredited

Preparation for accreditation can begin as early as the planning stage of a birth center’s development. Many new birth centers find the AABC Standards for Birth Centers and the CABC Accreditation Manual to be a great foundation upon which to design the facility and the program of services.

One-Year Accreditation is available for new birth centers that:

  • are ready to provide complete care for a laboring mother and her newborn.
  • have had less than 100 births or have been open less than one year.

Three-Year Accreditation is available for established birth centers seeking:

  • initial accreditation.
  • re-accreditation.

Step One:

Learn More About The Benefits


The CABC accreditation seal on your window, and your website, is a signal to families, third-party payers and other providers of health care services.

The seal indicates that your birth center:

  • Invites outside evaluation of the quality of the services that you provide.
  • Seeks to uphold established standards for excellence.
  • Engages in on-going learning and quality improvement via internal and external review.
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