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CABC Accreditation Process

CABC accreditation involves an extensive review of all aspects of business and clinical operations of the applicant center.

  1. A detailed self-evaluation report from the center is required.
  2. A 2-day site visit is done to verify the materials in that report. The site visitors do not make the accreditation decision, but serve to verify and clarify materials and findings from the site visit and self-evaluation report. This process includes:
    • A complete review of all birth center clinical and administrative policies and procedures
    • Assessment for good business practices to enhance birth center viability and continuity for consumers
    • Review of personnel files to confirm appropriate credentials and certifications
    • Review of risk criteria and transfer procedures
    • Evaluation of risk management and Continuous Quality Improvement programs for thoroughness and implementation
    • Detailed chart reviews
    • Review of required center clinical outcome statistics
    • Meticulous facility inspection
    • Interviews with center staff, collaborative physicians and hospital personnel.
  3. A team of panelists then review all materials and make the final decision regarding accreditation.

In addition to evaluating the quality and safety of freestanding birth centers and Alongside Maternity Centers through the process of accreditation, the CABC works to educate professionals in developing and established birth centers as well as consumers and policymakers about the importance of adherence to carefully developed, evidence-based national standards for birth centers.

The goal of the CABC is to help centers identify and resolve any problems, and to encourage them to strive for the highest level of excellence in the care and services that they provide.

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