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AMU Accreditation Process

Accreditation Agreement & Dedication to Learning

Everyone knows you take accountability seriously when you become accredited. At CABC, we know that optimum accountability is rooted in a rigorous dedication to learning in the pursuit of excellence. To get started with the AMU accreditation process, we ask you to sign CABC's Accreditation Agreement to establish expectations and requirements for working together.

We have a posted a sample here for you to review. (When you fill out the form at the bottom of this page to begin your Initial Registration, we will send you an agreement to sign that includes your birth center's name and address.)

Contact CABC to sign our current accreditation agreement.

Download SAMPLE Alongside Midwifery Unit Accreditation Agreement

Download Initial Registration
Milestones & Deadlines

First Time AMU Accreditation Process

Initial Registration

Please plan ahead and engage with CABC accreditation at least 6 months before your desired site visit month.

  1. When you pay the 1st half of the Initial Registration, your Alongside Midwifery Unit gains access to:
    • CABC training materials
    • CABC Accreditation Kit
  2. When you pay the 2nd half of the Initial Registration, your AMU can:
    • Schedule a specific date for your Initial Registration site visit with the CABC Office

Your Starting Point: 1-year or 3-year accreditation?

Your Initial Registration can result in either 1-yr accreditation or 3-yr accreditation. Here are the eligibility requirements for each accreditation certificate duration:

1-Yr Starting Point

1-yr Accreditation can be awarded to Alongside Midwifery Units that:

  • Either have less than 100 total births of experience
  • Or are starting up and quite literally ready to open their doors

When an Alongside Midwifery Unit achieves 1-yr accreditation:

  • Its certificate of accreditation expires one year later
  • And CABC schedules a 1-Year Review site visit one year after the Initial Registration site visit.

3-Yr Starting Point

3-yr Accreditation can be awarded to Alongside Midwifery Units that:

  • Either have completed their 1-Year Review
  • Or have been open for more than 1 year
  • Or have 100 or more total births of experience

How Many Centers?

When one business entity has more than one location, CABC has designations for three different types of locations.
When you have only one facility, it is automatically designated as your Primary location. Learn about CABC's location designations


Get Started:

AMU Initial Registration form

What is your Starting Point?(Required)
How many Alongside Midwifery Unit locations are part of this Initial Registration? *(Required)

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