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Relationship between CABC and AABC

The Commission for the Accreditation of Birth Centers (CABC) and the American Association of Birth Centers (AABC) are two distinct organizations that play different roles regarding national standards and accreditation of birth centers. The two organizations, although now separate, are historically connected and work closely in many arenas.

CABC has elected to use the AABC Standards for Birth Centers as the basis for its accreditation process, although it has no mandate to do so.

While CABC could develop its own standards or elect to use standards developed by another organization, CABC chooses to use the AABC Standards because they are:

  • Based upon the best available evidence
  • Developed and maintained by people who know and support birth centers
  • Currently the only established national standards for birth centers

Download AABC and CABC: two distinct organizations (PDF 950K)

This collaborative publication provides:

  • Comparison chart of the structures and roles of CABC and AABC
  • Answer to the question: Why are the AABC and CABC separate?
  • Explanation of the proper use of AABC’s National Standards for Birth Centers
  • Revision process for AABC’s National Standards for Birth Centers
  • Revision process for the CABC Indicators
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