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Accreditation Specialists

Site Visits conducted by Accreditation Specialists are an integral part of the accreditation process. CABC Accreditation Specialists all have (or have had) involvement with substantial administrative and clinical duties in CABC-accredited birth centers and extensive clinical training in healthcare. The role of the Accreditation Specialist is to collect data, verify the Self-Evaluation Reports submitted by birth centers, and submit their findings to the Review Panel. Accreditation Specialists work as a team to ensure consistency and breadth of perspective in applying the AABC Standards for Birth Centers.

Meet the CABC Accreditation Specialists


Deb Alessandro

Who doesn’t want a job that feels like family? That’s exactly what Deb found once she began working in a birth center. Witnessing the strength and empowerment of the birth experience, especially among women who had trauma or feelings of self-doubt, has been an ongoing source of inspiration to her. Deb enjoys sewing and quilting, and her hidden talents include dancing (alone – so no one will have to experience that vision) and singing (with grandchildren, at the top of their lungs, always).

Rhonda Johnson

From the age of 15, Rhonda felt drawn to help women. This calling, along with the births of her own children – a birth center birth for her son and a home birth for her daughter – led her to become a midwife. After over 20 years of practicing throughout the US, Rhonda recognizes that a trusting relationship with a midwife fosters empowerment, allowing a woman to make the best decisions for herself and her family. Rhonda treasures spending time with her grandsons and hiking with her dogs but doesn’t always keep two feet on the ground: she likes to tandem sky-dive, too!

Eva Miller

(Accidentally) witnessing a birth at the age of 13 sparked Eva’s unquenchable thirst to learn about childbearing. Her first birth experience reinforced her desire to work in a place that supports natural birth. Eva believes laughter is the best medicine, and if you apply yourself 100% to the task at hand, you will live a fulfilled life. In her spare time (in short supply raising 3 kids!) she enjoys long motorcycle rides with her husband in the country.

Pam Bartlett

The homelike environment and focus on mom and baby are what first drew Pam to work at a birth center where she could support women and their families in the natural birth process. Pam loves making plans and policy (where both her creative and engineering sides show) and will try anything once. She is the mother of five athletes and the wife of a coach. You won’t find this self-described klutz on any court or field, though. She would much rather be traveling or listening to Rock music.

Gazelle Lange

Gazelle became a midwife almost before she knew it was happening. Part of the Ina May generation, her beautiful home birth inspired her to help other women searching for that same experience. Throughout her 40 years as a midwife, she has loved helping women through pregnancy and childbirthGazelle is an avid gardener and enjoys making pickles and fermented products, and putting up produce. She appreciates good ice cream and enjoys drinking craft beer while playing cribbage with her husband.

Additional Accreditation Specialists may be added as needed.

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